If you have a pricing enquiry or would like to get in touch please use the contact form . When working out a price we base this on a few factors.

Where the business is located. How many items you have to be tested. The environment.

We need to know location in order to work out distance required to travel. We work on a sliding scale when it comes to calculating a price based on the number of items. The more items you have to test the less you pay for each item.

The environment is a factor because it takes much longer to test 100 power tools on a building site than it does 100 power cables in an office.

From experience we find the average business in Lincoln has around 100 tests. Based on this figure charges would be £30,00 call out plus £0.90 per item tested. Price includes minor repair, fuse replacement / plug replacement where necessary, test report, certificate and labels on all items.

If you have a large number of items please do get in touch as you may benefit from a lower rate.

  • Minor Repair Included

    List Content goes here

  • Fuse Replacement Included

    List Content goes here

  • 13 Amp Plug Replacement

  • Test Report

  • Certificate

  • Labels

  • Documentation Can Be Emailed For A Fast Turnaround

We have found Neil to be very trustworthy, conscientious and always very helpful in fitting in with our tenants and our companies needs. He is very polite and respectful and we would have no hesitation in recommending his services.

Mark Bowker