What Happens On The Day?

You will be contacted prior to the arranged day of testing, for confirmation as to who we are to report to and your company address.

On the day, our engineer will arrive on site and will ask to see your designated contact. Please ensure that any required passes are arranged and security advised if necessary.

After a quick discussion regarding any necessary health and safety requirements, work will then commence.

It is necessary to power-down equipment prior to testing. This, with the co-operation of your staff be done with the minimal of disruption. It takes on average of 5-7 mins to test a computer workstation. We do offer an ‘out of hours’ service with no extra charge. This lets your staff carry out their normal day’s activities with no interruptions.

Any minor repairs to equipment such as rewiring plugs, replacing plugs and replacing fuses can be carried out by our operative. Any failed items will be taken out of service and the responsible person will be informed.

Once testing is complete our operative will again report to the responsible person and advise that testing has finished and that they are now leaving the site.

An asset register and equipment test report will then be forwarded to you in due course