What is PAT Testing?

Portable appliance testing (also known as PAT testing) is a mixture of visual checks and electronic tests used to ensure that electronic equipment is safe to use.

Most common faults with equipment are issues such as cracked plugs, wrong fuse size or damaged cabling, and these can normally be found with a visual check.

However testing doesn`t stop there. Once the equipment has passed the visual inspection the dedicated portable appliance tester is then used to ensure that earth connection and electrical insulation within the appliance are operating properly.

All tested equipment is stickered with PASS or (ideally not) FAIL. Each piece is given an individual number and the results of all the tests carried out on that equipment are recorded. The date of the inspection, who the test was carried out by, the items number and result pass/fail are clearly shown on the label.

The simple PASS / FAIL labelling is a clear indication to your employees that an individual piece of equipment is safe to use.

At the end of testing an asset register of all tested equipment and a test report of each item is provided for your records. Documentation can be provided in various formats. Printed hard copy, or emailed to you in Excel, Word or PDF. Whichever you prefer.