Why Do We Need PAT Testing?


Anyone that operates a business is governed by the regulations of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. You have a duty under this act to as far as reasonably practicable to protect your employees from harm. Injury caused by faulty electrical items is a very real risk to employees. By PAT testing your electrical items you are showing that you are managing this risk.

Your insurers may insist that all electrical items are PAT Tested. They may word this as ensure that they subject to regular inspection and maintenance. Portable appliance testing is an accepted method of achieving this. A certificate and test report can then be presented to anyone who chooses to audit your business. All items tested will also have clear labels on them.

Landlords / Letting Agents

As a Landlord you have a duty that any electrical item you provide for tenants must be safe to use. You may only provide a TV and a Sky/Virgin Box. These still must be subject to regular testing.

The most common failures in rented properties that we find are overloaded/faulty extension cables, damage to the flex on items such as the hoover, damage to the flex of an item left near an oven or hob. If you have provided these items to your tenants you are responsible for them.


The Health and Safety Executive state that “25% of all reportable electrical accidents involve portable appliances”


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