PAT Testing

Portable Appliance Testing also known an PAT Testing is a recognised method of testing to help to prevent accidents in the workplace. It is recommended by the Health and Safety Executive and many insures will insist on it. If you are a property landlord you are responsible for any electrical items you have provided four tenants. Having your appliances PAT Tested will help you meet your compliancy needs from local authorities and keep your tenants safe.

We work in many different enviroments and across many sectors. Lots of our work is carried out in offices and industrial workwhops. Many sites have a mixture of environments where you will find offices and production areas. These are then supported by having a workshop on site and other facilities such as staff canteens and kitchens.

The frequency of testing can be decided by risk assesments of the items which are to be tested. A server in room which is monitored and temperature controlled is a much lower risk item than an angle grinder in a workshop.


Many educational institutions such as colleges and universities will ask any students coming to there halls of residents or accomodation to have their property PAT Tested. It is important that we all do out bit to keep each other safe, this helps these institutions keep you and other students safe.


We are happy to travel throughout Lincolnshire. We have many clients in and around Lincoln. Many business from the Boston, Sleaford and Grantham areas also use our services. Some of our clients are based in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire and we also travel to Hull and Grimsby.

Having recently reloaced to Grantham other towns such as Newark in Nottinghamshire are very close. We can offer some great rates for local work in the Grantham Area. Dont forget to PAT it.


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